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Saturday, August 01, 2015
The Use of Silver in Jewelrymaking
by Flaherty Jewelers
The Use of Silver in Jewelrymaking For most of recorded civilization, silver has been a part of it. It first became official currency in Ancient Rome, and since then, the uses for silver have only grown. Because of its luster and malleability, it became commonplace for use in silverware and jewelry. Because it can be flattened into extremely thin sheets, along with its luster, it became the perfect metal to create mirrors from. And because it can also be manufactured into thin wires and it conducts electricity, it is now used in most electronics. Silver may also even have health benefits; it's currently being studied for its naturally antibacterial properties.

The Use of Silver in Jewelrymaking Just like gold, pure silver is too soft to be of any practical use, especially for jewelry making. Therefore, like gold, silver is mixed with other alloys for its uses. And like gold, a system has been set up so that the consumer knows exactly how much pure silver is in his or her jewelry. Most jewelry is created using sterling silver, which means that it contains 92.5 percent pure silver with one or more alloys making up the rest. Sterling silver ensures that the consumer will be able to enjoy the beauty and value of silver, and that the piece will last well into the future.

The Use of Silver in Jewelrymaking Silver is classified as a noble metal; it is in a group of metals which are known to resist the wear and tear of nature. However, sterling silver jewelry still needs to be properly cared for to make sure it will remain pristine for years to come. Wear your sterling silver necklaces and rings often; the oils on your skin help to prevent tarnish. Make sure that you remove your sterling silver rings whenever performing any manual tasks as you may accidentally scratch the rings. If, for whatever reason, your jewelry becomes scratched, you can bring it in to our experts at Flaherty Jewelers to restore your beloved sterling silver pieces.

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