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Sunday, March 01, 2015
Types of Engagement Rings
by Flaherty Jewelers
At Flaherty Jewelers, we know how important it is to find the perfect engagement ring. We carry a wide selection of rings to ensure that you find the perfect style that your special someone will be proud to wear every single day. There are different types of engagement rings that come in a variety of styles, so we put together this guide to help you understand the different types of engagement rings and the many styles you can choose from. There are six basic types of engagement rings.

Types of Engagement Rings EngagementRingTraditional-35Traditional

Traditional engagement rings are usually solitaires with a single diamond mounted on a gold or white gold band. The diamonds themselves come in many different cuts and carats. Tiffany & Co. introduced the princess cut solitaire in 1886, and this style has been a favorite cut among brides-to-be ever since.

Types of Engagement Rings EngagementRingColoredStone-80Colored Stone

Colored stone rings feature tinted diamonds instead of white diamonds. These are more modern and less traditional than white diamond solitaires. Various color choices are available to meet the needs of different tastes and color preferences.

Types of Engagement Rings EngagementRingMatchingBand-45Matching Band

Matching band engagement rings feature bands that are designed to go with that particular ring. They are usually purchased at the same time, before the marriage proposal, and complement one another perfectly. Some are designed to allow for either ring to be worn separately or as a pair.

Types of Engagement Rings EngagementRingModern-81Modern

Modern engagement rings often blend features of various styles to create a unique look. They may combine stones or metals and feature interesting designs, and often feature side diamonds. Modern rings tend to have what is called a brilliant cut. This gives the gemstone the maximum amount of sparkle.

Types of Engagement Rings EngagementRingUnique-38Unique

Unique style engagement rings don't fall neatly into any of the other categories. They can be a perfect choice for someone who has a creative sense of style. Fashion-forward, these designs are creatively designed for people who want to be different.

Types of Engagement Rings EngagementRingVintage-90Vintage

Often inspired by Victorian designs, vintage style rings capture the opulence associated with that era. From a time when ornamentation, as opposed to simplicity, was a valued element of design principles, this antique style is a favorite for people who love the detailed look of vintage designs.

Types of Engagement Rings EngagementRingMetal-0Types of Metals Used for Band Settings

In addition to choosing from among these various styles, you also need to decide on the type of metal that will be used for the band. Just as there are many engagement ring styles, there are also several different choices of metal. Those options include gold, white gold, rose or pink gold, and platinum. The reason these metals are used in engagement and wedding rings is because they are durable, and they don't tarnish or become discolored over time. It is usually easy to tell whether a person prefers silver-colored metals or gold tones by looking at the jewelry they wear most often. For those that don't have a distinct preference, there are even rings that combine different metals to create a signature look.

For every future bride, there's a perfect engagement ring in one of these styles. Let the experts at Flaherty Jewelers help you decide which one is right for your future bride. We specialize in engagement rings and wedding rings, and we've been helping people choose the perfect rings since 1947. We carry vast array of engagement rings in many different styles from famous brands such as Gottlieb & Sons, Camelot, Overnight, Supreme, Levy Creations, Berco Jewelry Company, and Unique Settings of New York.

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